What should I do if I have an accident in Texas?

We recommend these 5 simple steps that you find the best way to solve that situation that puts many of us in trouble. ¡It never hurts!



This is the most important step. In moments of panic when we don’t know how to do in situation in all happens in seconds the first step that we recommend is to keep calm. What if! Staying calm is the first step and then calling 911 is quite important. You should call 911 they are the only organization authorized to let you know who was at fault in the accident. Do not be scared if the vehicle is not yours, you do not have Texas documentation because you are going for a ride or you were at fault, anyone can make a mistake. The most important is to lean on police and they give you the report that you will need later.      



Pictures! We always recommend taking all possible photos of the accident, of your car and videos if necessary. In order to have all this information as support for you and your insurer later on.


This is one of the most important steps. Pay a lot of attention.

You must ask the other person to share their ID, insurance document and that person’s phone number; review very well the coverage of the other person and the validity of her insurance so that you are not taken by surprise. You can also ask your insurance agent later this information is very important to file the claim with your insurer. And don’t forget to share your information to that person as well.


When the police had the report, you should contact your insurance agent or your insurer to advise you what you should do or if is required file the claim with your insurer. Remember to keep in mind your very clear accident coverage to know how to proceed. With your insurance agent you can support yourself if you have doubts.


 Was it your fault?

In case you are at fault you should receive the police report and proceed to file the complaint with your insurer. You must be very clear about how much your deductible amount is, it is usually $500 or $1,000 and it is the amount that you must contribute for the repair of your vehicle.

The insurer will assign you an agent who will be in charge of carrying out your process, verifying the police report, the quote for the repair of the vehicle and others. Don’t worry if your native language is not English, you can request an agent with your language, so you can understand everything.

Finally, the insurer will send you a check to your house with the value of the repair of your vehicle as long as you meet the amount of your deductible for the repair the vehicle.

If you still do not have insurance or an insurance agent to advise you, we are here to advise you:

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